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Let us make Chicago in May a place of global democracy, when the elites of the G8 and NATO will come together, in order to decide on the enforcement agenda of the elites, the 1 percent! Propose other hand there a global program for the future of the 99 percent to those leaders, who are nothing but our representatives – and let us call there for its execution! Let us come forward in coming weeks in organizing a global coalition, which after the meeting can then be strong enough, to make sure with peaceful actions in the way Mahatma Gandhi organized it, that the 1 percent can´t, continue as before, but that the leaders have to start to care for the needs and future of 99 percen! Mobilize in the next few months, the world’s population, gather their issues and their proposals for a globale future program! And organize the representation of the world population in Chicago during the Democratic Assembly of the Peoples in May!

Januar 28, 2012

Adbusters produces the idea to Occupy Wall Street last year and so supported an uprise of the social movement in the United States. This movement has spread rapidly from there to many countries in the world. It is high time to confront the elites who brought the world and more and more People with their energy and environmental policies, their economic and financial policies and their foreign and military policy to the brink of a disaster.

Now the group has taken another bold proposal: To make Chicago in May to a place of global democracy, when in the run-of the U.S. elections – NATO and the G8 will meet in Chicago, to coordinate their policies and to organize their enforcement . That the military will be there, clearly shows in which direction it should go.

 The G8 leaders are elected democratically and have to represent the people: So we should show them, that we do not like, they organize the world today and we should tell them – when the world public opinion is heavily represented with 2,500 journalists, what the people of this world want and what they do not want any longer!

Occupy was accused of having no clear demands! To bring up clear demands and a clear program is necessary, but not so easy and quickly possible. In a basic-democratic process  as many as possible should bing in their interests and opinions. That’s just not as easy as if a few representatives of corporations and banks and a few leaders come together to determine their interest in their policies, which later then are sold by the media as decisions without alternatives.  And the 99 percent have then to bear the consequenzes.

We need a global democratic process in every town, every village, to bring in a democratic process our ideas together and develop a democratic reform program for the future of the earth; in our todays globalized world, in which everything is all connected,  the general direction requires global decisions .

We should therefore make the idea of ​​Adbusters known to stimulate many to contribute to their achievement and to begin the democratic organization of a democratic process of setting of a global reform program that can be put forward by representatives of the people from all over the world in Chicago, knowing that we back it all over the world and are ready to fight after the conference for its implementation through peaceful and democratic means in the sense of Mahatma Gandhi.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, Occupy News

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Occupy Chicago

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