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Scotland Yard untersucht Folter des britschen Geheimdienstes MI5+6 in Afghanistan und Pakistan – Auch die Rolle westlicher Geheimdienste bei der Inhaftierung von Gadaffi-Gegnern und ihrer anschließenden Auslieferung an Gaddafi wird untersucht

Januar 12, 2012

Rendition inquiry to scrutinise MI6 role in abduction and torture of Libyans

Investigation announced as other inquiry finds security agents shouldn’t face charges over torture in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Anti-Gaddafi military commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj was allegedly detained in Bangkok after a tip-off to MI6. Photograph: Francois Mori/AP

Scotland Yard has opened a criminal investigation into secret MI6 rendition operations that resulted in leading Libyan dissidents being abducted and flown to Tripoli, where they were subsequently tortured in Muammar Gaddafi’s prisons.

The announcement came as the Metropolitan police and the director of public prosecutions, Kier Starmer, said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute individual MI5 or MI6 agents following lengthy investigations into allegations of British complicity in the torture of terrorism susepcts in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The new investigation is to focus on Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a military commander of forces that opposed Gaddafi’s rule, and Sami al-Saadi, who lodged complaints with the police last November after the chance discovery of a cache of classified documents in an adandoned Libyan government office laid bare the role MI6 played in their rendition.

Saadi was detained in Hong Kong in 2004 and then forced on to a plane to Tripoli with his wife and four children in an operation that MI6 mounted in co-operation with Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Moussa Koussa.

Belhaj was detained in Bangkok after an MI6 tip-off and allegedly tortured by US agents for several days before being flown to Tripoli, where he was imprisoned for several years and tortured.

Whitehall sources later said that the operations has been „ministerially authorised government policy“, raising the prospect of the new police investigation examining the actions of ministers as well as officials.

In addition, police and the Crown Prosecution Service said they are establishing a joint panel that will „consider the other allegations of ill treatment made to the police“ by a number of other individuals.


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