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Ihre Themen sind nicht unsere Themen, vor allem nicht die der Arbeiter. New Hampshire: Nicht mal 50 Prozent nahmen an Vorwahlen teil – Ron Paul erhielt Stimmen, weil er sich für den Abzug der Truppen aus Irak und Afghanistan und gegen den Einfluss des militärisch-industriellen Komplexes ausspricht!

Januar 11, 2012

Rivals’ Attacks on Romney’s Corporate Record Display Occupy Wall Street’s Wide Reach

The New Hampshire primary brought fewer than 50 percent of voters to the polls. The candidates are „addressing issues that aren’t really connecting with a whole bunch of Americans, especially blue-collar Americans,“ says Dale Kuehne, a New Hampshire political science professor. „I don’t know that they see a whole lot of reason to go out and vote for either Obama or out to vote for Romney or some of the others.“ Many undeclared New Hampshire voters lent their support to the Libertarian-leaning Republican candidate, Ron Paul, who veers from the mainstream GOP platform by calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and has spoken out against the military-industrial complex. Meanwhile, Paul’s fellow challengers have attacked Romney for the jobs lost while he was head of the venture capitalist firm Bain Capital. „Occupy Wall Street has to understand not only have they changed the conversation in the country, but now that conversation is going to be reinforced in South Carolina by two people that you would think would be the least likely: Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich,“ says Arnie Arnesen, longtime New Hampshire radio and TV host. [Rush transcript to come. Check back soon.]


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